Sunday, January 2, 2011

and so it ends...

As great as optimism is, it can't alone achieve a goal. 

142 days ago, in the throws of a beautiful Cleveland summer, I imparted this optimistic outlook: "I just joined the challenge...August 11. That means I need to hit 365 miles in 142 days...some quick math tells me that is 2.57 per day, everyday. Totally doable."

 I did not hit my goal. I whittled it down to just 150.49 miles to go, but still, I fell short. But as all good New Year's should be, it is a time for renewal and moving on. 2010 is done but my mile challenge will be renewed. As I embark on The Great Apple Quest of 2011, I will also try to hit my mile challenge the right way. All running, all year. 365 in 365. 

Bring it on.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And That's That

So another year ends, and with it another challenge. A tough year, with only 8 of 31 participants meeting the goal of 365 miles. I know some who weren't happy with their 2010 performance will be trying to redeem themselves in 2011 by putting in another attempt at 365 over the next 365. Good luck to them.

A special shout of kudos to Speedy and Mary who made a mad sprint at the end and hit goal. Way to power through the end, you two.

Thanks to all the fans and participants for a great year. Hope it was worthwhile and perhaps even a little fun. And in case anybody was wondering what's up for 2011, I've got an answer for you ... apples. 365 apples in 365 days. It's Apple Challenge 2011! You can find out more here: Hope to see you there.