Monday, September 20, 2010


Here's a pretty interesting story about how a pair of running shoes, some goals and a little bit of support can make a difference: Jogging Program Helps People Get Lives On Track Again It all goes beyond fitness.

To learn more about the woman who thought this all up, the folks who make the plan a reality and interesting details, check out

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday 5K

I went for a short run this afternoon.  The first in a long time.  It went OK, but despite all of the rowing and biking I've been doing, I'm definitely out of practice in the running department which sucks.

After today's two miles I still need to average 2.666 miles a day to hit the 365 mark. That's a lot of running but I guess you can't really have a Mile Challenge without the word Challenge so I'm going to see what I can do about getting there.

That said, I think I may do a 5K on Sunday despite my unprepared status. Any Clevelanders care to join?  Here are the details: St. Ignatius Run for Murph*

Perhaps I'll see you there.

*The Murph that this run honors is from this awful story:,0,2214855.story   Sorry to be all depressing, but that's the reality. Look back to Homer. He'll cheer you up again. Oh, and all proceeds raised from the race will go towards a scholarship in Dan's name.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I mentioned this via e-mail to some, but figured I should get it out the rest of the world as well.

This Saturday, September 18 I'll be doing some rowing in Cleveland's fall regatta -- The Head of the Cuyahoga.  This is the 15th Annual so you know it's legit.  Or something like that.

The Mighty Cuyahoga
Photo Courtesy of the National Archives

Fellow Mile Challenger Gavin will be participating as well.  We're in a 4+ race at 10:30am but in separate boats and then we'll be together in an 8+, in the last race of the day at 2:40pm.

I just wanted to throw out an invite to come on down and watch some boats go by. There will be over 1,000 rowers and over 250 boats, ranging from high school kids to old veterans.

In other cities like Boston and Philadelphia people actually go watch races and hang out along the river and party it up. Cleveland?  Not so much.  That said, I figured I would send out the invite and try to build up Cleveland's drunken, boat watching population. Support Cleveland and support the riverfront and support the great outdoors.  Bring some food and some drinks and hang out in the fresh, fall air.  Or don't bring food if you don't want ... Dim and Den Sum will be there providing food as needed!

Admittedly rowing isn't always the most exciting thing in the world, but look at this random blog post I found from someone who was at the Head of the Charles:  See? You don't need to like or even understand rowing to hang out and have fun.  Look at all of those idiots on the banks in Boston.  That goes on for like three miles.  People everywhere just rockin' out.

Oh, and if you get a good vantage point, and you get lucky, sometimes rowing on the Cuyahoga gets full contact enough to bring some thrill to your day:

The course begins at the West 3rd Street Bridge and finishes down by the red swing bridge at Center Street.  The first race starts at 8:00am and the last race starts at 3:10pm. 

So there you go.  That's your invite.  If you'd like to roll on by that would be cool.  If not, no harm done. 

Here's a little promo video too:  If you look carefully you might just spot someone you know (psssst, it's me! And Gavin!  Fancy!!).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Keg Dash

Man, it's been awhile.

That's OK though.  We're hacking through the year, doing our thing.  Some are succeeding, many are failing. It seems that bacon was a more enjoyable challenge than doing a mile a day. Even swaying from the initial plan of running, it's still tough business. Who would've guessed? There is still time though, so don't be a quitter.

Anyway, I thought I should mention a happening going on this Sunday, September 12 here in Cleveland for those of you conveniently located. Or not.  The Buckeye Keg Dash. You may remember in a previous post the mention of Buckeye Beer Engine. Well this is an event organized by them and it involves a combo of great things: biking, beer and charity.

In short, you ride to the Buckeye Brewery (which I've never been to), tour the brewery, pack up a keg of India Black Ale that someone will tow behind their bike, ride to Beer Engine (a 25-35 minute bike ride), pay $10 which goes to a cool charity (Aluminum Cans for Burned Children) and then get a pint of the India Black Ale. Delicious I'm sure.

Here is a flyer with the details: