Monday, November 29, 2010

33 More Days

Seems as our milein' has pretty much started to fizzle. Other than a couple of participants, most have either hit their goal or given up. Those of you still trying to hit the goal in the next 33 days (Vicki, Mary, Carly and k.ry!), keep on going. As for the others, well perhaps we should start thinking about whether we want a challenge for 2011 or if we should take a year off.

Maybe back to food again like in the bacon-y glory days of 2008? Or perhaps something like this Free Fashion Challenge that some folks came up with? Personally I'm not sure that not buying any new clothes would be much of a challenge for me, but I'm sure for some this would be quite torturous.  Anyway, do some thinking.  2011 is creeping up on us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Running for Health, Running for Life

One of the biggest, most publicized runs, the New York Marathon, was this past weekend. This marathon always attracts people far and wide and there are always famous folks or key 'celebrities' running. From  Jared the Subway fanatic to Edison Peña, the Chilean miner, there is always a person of interest (to someone, somewhere).

I find it fascinating that running can bring people together so splendidly. There are oodles of articles about running, focusing not only on the benefits but the pitfalls too. Perusing the headlines, I found this article in the NY Times: Running Voices, an interative tour of runners from all backgrounds, highlighting their motivations.

My motivation for being a sometimes runner is so I can enjoy the finer things in life (i.e. food and wine) without paying too dearly on my waistline.

Whatever your motivation I think it helps to learn about why people do it. What motivates someone to run 26.2 miles, often many times over? What motivates someone to just take that first step.

Here is Cleveland there are quite a few fun runs that bring people together. In November I am looking forward not only to the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day morning but also the Pigskin Classic that occurs the morning of the classic Ohio State vs. Univ. of Michigan football game.

My run today put me just over the 200 mile mark (202.71 to be exact) for the year. Not terrible considering I started in August but I still have a LONG way to go. I will use the motivation of my fellow runners to keep me on pace and help me achieve my goal.

What motivates you?